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Dear Colleague Letters

May 15, 2013

Dear Colleague,

I am pleased to share with you the proposed Old Dominion University 2013-14 Operating Budget and Plan that will be presented to the Board of Visitors June 13. While receiving this information now is essential for planning purposes, please note that the budget is still subject to board approval.

A collaborative effort of the university's vice presidents, the plan reflects a commitment to the mission of Old Dominion and makes a strong statement about investing in our future. In it, we make strategic investments in instruction, academic support, on-line degree programs and STEM-H disciplines, as well as campus infrastructure, campus life, student recruitment and retention, faculty and staff retention, and compensation. In fact, $14.7 million of new funding - or 68 percent - is targeted for instruction and research. Thirty percent has been allocated to programmatic enhancements throughout the university, and the remainder will go to university initiatives, such as building and grounds improvements.

I am especially proud to note that we accomplished this while maintaining one of the lowest in-state undergraduate tuition and fee rates in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Of particular significance this year is the first faculty/staff raise in four years. The General Assembly approved a 3 percent raise for teaching, research and administrative faculty, and a 2 percent raise for classified staff. It also approved a salary compression adjustment of $65 per year of service for classified staff with 5 or more years of continuous state service.

Because we wanted to further recognize the good work of our faculty and staff, the budget contains an additional, university-supported 1 percent salary increase for teaching, research and administrative faculty and for classified staff. We were also able to provide a 2 percent increase for wage (hourly) staff, who did not receive a state-supported increase. Thank you for the excellent work you do!

The following is a summary of the major strategic investments and budget initiatives for the upcoming year:

  • Academic Enterprise (Instruction, Research, Public Service and Academic Support)
    • 50 New Faculty Positions, which are a combination of converting adjunct positions (25) and establishing new positions (25). These positions will be distributed to the colleges based upon the Provost's recommendations. Over the past three years, we've now created a total of 126.5 new teaching and research positions.
    • Faculty Research Support with IRB/IACUC
    • Social Science Research Center
    • Faculty Promotion and Tenure Funds
    • On-line Program Development
    • Library Research Collections
    • Modeling and Simulation
    • School of Public Health Joint Partnership with EV
  • Student Recruitment and Marketing Funds
    • Base funding for LEAP (student on-campus employment program)Financial Aid Call Center
    • ODU Impact Campaign
    • Military Connection Center
  • Campus Life and Student Retention
    • Two Administrative Positions, one in academic advising and one in the Military Connection Center
    • Tutoring, Mentoring and Supplemental Instruction Services for students
    • Expansion of Learning Commons Operation Hours
    • Graduate Assistant Health Insurance Program Development
    • Scholarships
    • Student Financial Assistance and Financial Literacy Programs
    • Student Success, Leadership Programs
    • Student Counseling and Advising Programs
    • Student Union (Webb Center) Enhancements
  • Campus Infrastructure
    • Campus building and grounds improvements
    • Computing and Technology Infrastructure
    • Banner Development
    • Technology Help Desk
    • Security and Identity Management
    • 16 New Classified Support Positions, primarily related to the support and maintenance of new facilities
  • Faculty and Staff Retention and Compensation (noted above)
    • 4% salary increases for Teaching, Research and Administrative Faculty
    • 3% salary increases for classified staff
    • Salary compression adjustment of $65 per year of service for classified staff with 5 or more years of continuous state service
    • 2% university-supported salary increases for wage (hourly) staff

While this budget may not have addressed all our resource needs, it does target investments that strengthen academic and student support infrastructure, student success, faculty and staff retention, and recruitment initiatives. I believe it is a strong plan and look forward to sharing it with the BOV on June 13.

I'd like to thank the university's vice presidents who, under the leadership of COO David Harnage, spent many hours deliberating and strategizing to create this plan. I also want to thank Gov. McDonnell and the General Assembly for their continued support and confidence in Old Dominion University.


John R. Broderick