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Electronic Time Ticketing

Changes to Pre-registration and Time Ticketing!

The pre-registration period now extends for TWO weeks instead of one.

Please see the NEW pre-registration schedule below as there have been significant changes to the timetable from previous terms.

Students without time tickets will be eligible to register beginning the SECOND Saturday after pre-registration.

PRE-REGISTRATION (the first 12 days of the registration period) is open to all currently enrolled degree-seeking full-time and part-time students, based on the number of credit hours completed. Pre-registration is available to on- and off-campus students via LEO Online (www.leoonline.odu.edu) Monday-Saturday 8am-11pm and Sunday noon-11pm, and at the Registrar's Office Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

An electronic time ticket is required during pre-registration. Students with time tickets may not register earlier than their scheduled time.

Nondegree students, newly admitted students, and students who are not registered for classes in the current semester will NOT be issued a time ticket and may be eligible to register beginning at open registration.

Students who have not attended classes in 12 months or more should contact the Office of Admissions to reactivate their student record before attempting to register.

Before requesting a time ticket, please review the policy above. If you are not eligible for a time ticket, one will NOT be issued to you.

OPEN REGISTRATION for all students begins on the 13th day of the registration period, and all admitted students may register at that time. No time ticket is required once open registration begins.

To avoid delays in registering for classes, all students should check for holds in LEO Online and ensure that all holds preventing registration have been cleared. Future holds (holds with an effective date in the future) display in bold text.

Electronic Time Tickets

Electronic time tickets are required to register for classes during the PRE-REGISTRATION period. Your time ticket tells you the earliest day and time you are eligible to register for classes. All graduate students with time tickets are eligible to register beginning the first day of pre-registration. You cannot register for classes earlier than your scheduled time.

Admitted students without time tickets are eligible to register when open registration begins, at which time no time tickets are required.

Time ticketing is run for the first time approximately one month prior to pre-registration. NO time tickets will be available before then, but you can view the Registration Timetable to see when you MAY be able to register.

  • Time tickets are assigned only to degree-seeking students who are currently registered for classes.
  • Time tickets are assigned on the basis of credit hours completed (and transfer hours posted) through the most recent semester attended. Hours the student is currently taking do not count toward the time ticket.
  • Time tickets are updated the 1st of the month of pre-registration, to pick up any late posted transfer credits. NOTE: Transfer credits must be posted to your academic history to be counted in the time ticket.

Time tickets are NOT assigned to:

  • newly admitted students, including transfer and graduate students (new freshmen must attend PREVIEW prior to enrolling in classes)
  • non-degree students
  • degree-seeking students who are not registered for at least one credit hour in the current term (if you took a semester "off" for any reason you will not have a time ticket).

To see your electronic time ticket, after they have been assigned:

  1. Log in to the secure area of LEO Online using your MIDAS ID and password.
  2. Click on Admissions, Registration, Student Records, Graduation Information, Credit Card Payments, and Financial Aid.
  3. Click on Registration.
  4. Click on Time Ticket Information or Check Your Registration Status to retrieve your time ticket.

Registration Timetable

Registration Timetable -- NOTE NEW SCHEDULE!

The timetable below reflects the electronic time ticketing schedule and is based on the number of credit hours completed. In-progress credits do not count toward the time ticket.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REGISTER BEFORE PRE-REGISTRATION BEGINS AND/OR BEFORE YOUR ASSIGNED TIME TICKET. Students who have no time ticket assigned may not register until open registration begins.

Date/Time for Fall 2014 registration (time ticket required April 7-18)



Currently registered (Spring 2014) degree-seeking graduate students
April 7 (Monday)

begin registering at 8am

Currently registered (Spring 2014) degree-seeking undergraduate students credit hours completed (not including credit hours you are currently taking)

April 7 (Monday)



April 8 (Tuesday)



April 9 (Wednesday)



April 10 (Thursday)



April 11 (Friday)



April 12-13 (Saturday-Sunday) open only to students who have time tickets for the week of April 7-11
April 14 (Monday) 74-79.99 68-73.99
April 15 (Tuesday) 62-67.99 57-61.99
April 16 (Wednesday) 50-56.99 41-49.99
April 17 (Thursday) 32-40.99 24-31.99
April 18 (Friday) 15-23.99

April 19 (Saturday)

Open registration begins; no time ticket is required.