$1500 Undergraduate Research Grants: Due Nov 16th



The Honors College sponsors the university-wide undergraduate research grant

program. This program provides students with an opportunity to pursue original

research, scholarship, or creative work under the mentorship of a full-time faculty

member. Open to juniors and seniors with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25, the

award provides a $1500 stipend for one semester. The award will be made in one of

two ways: 1) as payment to the student or 2) as a transfer of funds to the academic


An important aspect of this program is that it places the student and a faculty member in

an apprentice/mentor relationship. After agreeing on a particular project, the faculty

member assists the student in submitting a proposal, supervise the student’s research

activity, and assist in the construction of the student’s the final research report. This

program can be used to support undergraduate honors thesis, senior, or supervised

research projects (or equivalent programs in the student’s major).


Students from all disciplines are eligible. Juniors and seniors with a minimum GPA of

3.25 are encouraged to submit a proposal; students must be enrolled for at least 12

hours during the semester in which the project is funded.

The award stipend will be $1500 (subject to tax withholding) for one semester. The

project could involve research, design, development, field study, creative work or

performance. The project should require about 150 hours of the student's time (e.g., 10

hours per week) and be completed in one semester.

Ideally, the project should be initiated by the student, but faculty members may

approach students about collaborative projects. If the project is related to faculty

research, the project should require that the student assume increasing responsibilities

over the course of the semester. The award is not intended to be a substitute for work

done by a student lab assistant.


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Posted By: Ivan Ash
Date: Wed Nov 14 10:25:06 EST 2012