"France's Decolonized Legacie(s) lecture by Dr. Alain Gabon

 Dr. Alain Gabon, Professor of French at Virginia Wesleyan Colleage will be speaking about "France's Decolonized Legacie(s) in Contemporary France" (see attached flyer) which will be on Thursday Nov 29 at 7:15 in BAL 8th Floor Seminar Room...within the context of Dr. Peter Schulman's seminar IS 795/895 "France's Decolonized Legacy: Africa, the Maghreb, and Asia." All are welcome and the event is free and open to the public. For more info contact Dr. Peter Schulman, 683-3323.

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Posted By: Peter Schulman
Date: Thu Nov 15 16:53:08 EST 2012