BANNER SYSTEM - Upcoming Access Changes

OCCS is in the final stages of transitioning to a single point-of-authentication for the most widely used IT services across campus with the Monarch-Key Web Login.  The Banner administrative system is being upgraded and will soon be integrated with the Monarch-Key. This means that staff will soon access Banner with their MIDAS ID and password.
How does this change impact Banner users?
ALL BANNER USERS who have not changed their MIDAS password since January 7, 2013 will need to do so prior to March 1, 2013. We recommend you take a few minutes today to change your password so you are compliant before the integration is complete and your access to Banner is affected.

These changes allow Old Dominion University to strengthen our online security and apply best practices to account management practices. The current password profile for Monarch-Key Web Login has been changed to be more in line with the features and functions of Banner.

If you need assistance changing your MIDAS password visit: or contact the Technical Support Center at

What are some of the benefits of this transition?

Details about this project are available online at:

Please note: Logging out of a web-authenticated service is not guaranteed until the user has properly exited the browser window. When all Monarch-Key Web Login sessions are completed the browser must be ‘Closed’ (Windows) or ‘Quit’ (Apple) to ensure the user is logged out of every service.

* Banner Authentication Flyer.pdf  (208.9 KB)

Posted By: Meghan Williams
Date: Tue Jan 22 09:30:58 EST 2013