Calendar Year 2012 W2 Forms available for you to print from the web


Please address questions about this announcement to the Payroll staff - names, numbers and e-mail addresses are provided below.




Instructions for Accessing and Printing Form W2 Online


  1. Using Internet Explorer access “Leo Online” from ODU’s home web page:

                               (Web address:


  1. Select “Enter Leo Online News and Secure Area” from the list of options.


  1. At the bottom of the Welcome to Old Dominion University News from LEO Online” page you will see a button with a key on it titled - “Enter Secure Area”. Click on “Enter Secure Area” key button.


  1. The next screen titled “Monarch- Key Web Login” requires that you enter your “Midas ID” and “Password” followed by clicking on the “login button” to log into the secure area of Leo Online.


  1. Once you click on the “login button” - you will be brought to the Employee Self Service “Main Menu”. Click on “Employee” from the list of options on the Main Menu. This brings you to the “Employee Menu”.


  1. On the “Employee Menu” - click on “Tax Forms” from the list of options. This brings you to the “Tax Forms Menu”.


  1. On the “Tax Forms Menu” - click on “W2 Year End Earnings Statement” from the list of options. This brings you to the “W2 Wage and Tax Statement Menu”.


  1. On the “W2 Wage and tax Statement Menu” - select the Tax Year from the drop down menu that you want to print a copy of your W2 Form for.  The most current tax year will be displayed first in the drop down menu. Choose 2012 for the current year’s tax statement. Also - there is only one “Employer or Institution” to choose from - “Old Dominion University” so there is no change to this data element.


  1. Once you have selected the Tax Year that you want to display - click on the “display” button. This brings up your W2 (titled - W2 Wage and Tax Statement) for the Tax Year selected.


  1. Click on “Printable W2" to print a copy of your “W2 Wage and Tax Statement”


  1. If you have questions pertaining to the amounts shown on your W2 please click on the “Employee Instructions” and “Notice to Employee” tabs on the “W2 Wage and Tax Statement” page for further explanation.


Paper W-2's will be mailed on January 29, 2013


If you have questions concerning your W2 please contact one of the Payroll Employees listed below.

Cynthia Williamson 757-683-3040 or

Gloria Boone 757-683-3014 or

Pat Collins 757-683-3037 or


Posted By: Kathleen Parker
Date: Mon Jan 28 12:41:50 EST 2013