Committed Relationships: LGBTQ

Safe Space welcomes committed LGBTQ (and ally) couples to participate in our Committed Relationships Week!
The 'Committed Relationships' program will raise awareness of and celebrate LGBTQ partnerships around Valentine's Day. The Safe Space Committee will create displays using brief relationship write-ups and photos provided by you. We will seek permission from all participants prior to creating the display (privacy is of the utmost importance) and materials collected will be used for this event only.
Open to faculty, staff, students, and local community.
Would you like to participate? Please fill out our online form:
If you have questions, contact the Safe Space Committee at
Co-sponsors: ODU Out. Don't have a photo? They are hosting a photoshoot next weekend. For details, email

Posted By: Amanda Polivka
Date: Thu Jan 31 10:08:16 EST 2013