Perry Library Hours During Semester Break

All floors will be accessible during the hours listed below. The Learning Commons Help Desk will be the only service point staffed between Saturday December 21-Wednesday January 1, when the university is officially closed.

December 14-15 (Sat-Sun):  9am - 10pm
December 16-20 (Mon-Fri):  8am - 10pm
December 21-22 (Sat-Sun):  9am - 10pm     
December 23-24 (Mon-Tue):  10am - 10pm    

December 25 (Wed):   CLOSED

December 26-27 (Thu-Fri):  10am - 10pm

December 28-29 (Sat-Sun):  9am-10pm

December 30-31 (Mon-Tue): 10am-10pm
January 1 (Wed): 10am - 10pm*

*Current ODU ID required on federal/university holidays; card swipe at entrance

January 2-3 (Thu-Fri): 8am - 10pm
January 4-5 (Sat-Sun):  9am - 10pm
January 6-10 (Mon-Fri):  8am - 10pm

 Spring semester hours begin on January 11.

Posted By: Fern McDougal
Date: Fri Dec 13 08:42:30 EST 2013