Don't get phished!


We have seen many emails coming in trying to trick you into emailing your username & password, and we still see ODU email accounts getting taken over and used to send out thousands of spam emails because people are responding to these emails with their usernames & passwords, or they are clicking on links in the emails to external websites and then entering in their usernames and passwords.


OCCS or any other reputable organization will NEVER ask you for your username & password under any circumstance.  Do not ever give your password to anyone.  And the only website where you should change your email password at is the MIDAS website:


Many of these emails will claim that you are over your mailbox quota.  ODU does not have enforced mailbox quotas!  Instead we have a combination of retention policies & archiving rules that allow us to not have to bother with email quotas.  So we will never lock down your email account for “being over quota”, because there is none!


For more info on ODU’s email retention & archiving policies, see this page:


or this PDF:



If you respond to one of these "phishing" emails with your username & password, your account will be hijacked by one of these spammers and then used to send out thousands of emails, which gets ODU's email servers on blacklists and prevents us from emailing people at AOL, Verizon, Hotmail, Cox, Comcast, etc. 


There is also a good chance that if your account gets phished that the spammer will delete a lot of your email and we might not be able to get it back depending on how they delete it!


If OCCS discovers that your account has been hijacked because you sent out your username & password, we will immediately lock the account until you reset your password at



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Posted By: Aaron Smith
Date: Fri Feb 22 10:30:43 EST 2013