The Office of Counseling Services is hosting DIVERSITY ZONE in honor of Peace Week 2013 in promoting awareness and knowledge about different cultures in hopes of encouraging understanding and support of diverse perspectives. Facilitators will host tables and stations with the purpose of educating, increasing awareness, and promoting understanding on various cultural topics. DIVERSITY ZONE will have FREE FOOD, INTERACTIVE GAMES, PRIZES, AND ART! Passports are available for those who are interested in entering a raffle for FREE PRIZES!  Enter to win an iPad, Headphones, ODU hoodie, ODU shirts, ODU stuffed animals, and Self-help books about stereotypes & diversity! Check out the Flyer for more information and we hope to see you there!

* Diversity Zone_2013.pdf  (642.4 KB)

Posted By: Lindsay Meyers
Date: Wed Apr 03 16:31:29 EDT 2013