Peace Week

Come learn to value the diversity of all through Peace Week programs!


April 8th:

Diversity Zone- 11am-3pm Virginia Beach/Portsmouth Room

Come explore cultural difference through activities! Free Food! Chance to win an iPad and other prizes! Sponsored by the Office of Counseling Services, Active Minds and the Women’s Center

Yom Hashoah: Holocaust Remembrance Reception- 12pm- 1:30pm Hampton/Newport News Room

Yom HaShoah is the Holocaust Day of Remembrance. The reception will feature guest speaker Jay M. Ipson, holocaust survivor from the Kovno ghetto in Lithuania and Co-founder and Director of the Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond, VA. This program aims to educate the community on the history of the holocaust in order to prevent future genocides. Sponsored by the Office of Intercultural Relations & Hillel

Jessica Pettit Social Justice: When Diversity Isn’t Enough- 8pm-9pm North Café 1ST 50 people get free shirts!!

Come and understand how pre-existing assumptions affect an individual’s ability to recognize and value diversity.

April 9th:

Eating With Strangers- 11am-2pm Café 1201

We always hear that ODU is diverse but students don’t step out of their comfort zones. Come eat with another ODU student and have the chance to win prizes! Sponsored by the Student Government Association

April 10th:

Sexual Assault Awareness Game Show- 11am-3pm North Mall

Come learn about the issues of relationship and sexual violence through game show games. Sponsored by the Women’s Center

Panel Discussion: How Does Faith Respond to Injustice?- 7:30pm-9pm North Mall

This panel discussion will have representatives from different faiths answer “How does faith respond to injustice?” Sponsored by the University Chaplin Association


FMI: Crystal Hamilton at (757-683-4985) or


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Posted By: Crystal Hamilton
Date: Thu Apr 04 22:32:35 EDT 2013