Teaching this Summer? CLT offers technology workshops to help!

Teaching, this Summer? 

CLT is offering a variety of workshops designed to help you use technology to teach more effectively and to help you save time.   The workshops will be held in the Center for Learning and Teaching’s Faculty Development Lab, Gornto 411.

You must register to attend these workshops.  Please log in at http://clt.odu.edu and use the teachODU module or click Events in the top navigation.

For more information: Send email to clt@odu.edu or phone Susan Boze at 683-3172.

Blackboard Jumpstart for First-Time Users

In this fast paced, focused session, you will learn the critical skills about using Blackboard, particularly if you are using it for the first time and need to get your course ready quickly. It’s also a great opportunity for those who have been using Blackboard for a while to refresh their view and see how it has changed over the past several years. Topics will include course management, content organization, basic communication, and using the grade center.

Blackboard Grade Center

Explore the features of the Grade Center. Some topics covered include: Entering and over-riding grades; Linking the Grade Center to assignments, discussion, blogs, wikis and tests; Calculating Grades by Total Points or by Weights; and Integrating Bb Grade Center with Excel.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is an online meeting tool where faculty and students can engage in synchronous collaboration using text, audio, and/or video. Participants in online meetings can also share applications and a whiteboard during the meeting. This is a two part series that must be taken in sequence.

(1) In the "Basics Workshop" participants will learn the "basics" of using the online meeting interface.

(2) In the "Beyond the Basics Workshop" participants will explore and practice using the many "beyond basics" features and tools as they relate to content presentation, student presentation, collaboration, document sharing, small group work, recordings, and more.

Posted By: Alison Schoew
Date: Thu May 02 13:51:22 EDT 2013