NACAS East Appoints Melvine Walker of Auxiliary Services to Board of Directors

NACAS East Appoints Melvine Walker of Auxiliary Services to Board of Directors


                On June 11, Melvine Walker, Director of Marketing and Communications for ODU Auxiliary Services, was appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for the National Association of College and Universities Auxiliary Services. This followed Mrs. Walker’s successful execution of the Hampton Roads Consortium, a NACAS event which was held at ODU this past spring semester.  Mrs. Walker was sworn in on the final day of a four-day NACAS East Conference, held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

                Mrs. Walker began her work with NACAS in 2008, leading up the 2009 conference in Virginia Beach. Since then, Melvine has volunteered at numerous NACAS events, and in 2010 was awarded NACAS’ Emerging Professionals Award. Mrs. Walker is also on the NACAS Inclusive Excellence Committee, and is planning the 2014 NACAS East Conference at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, which will aim to bridge the knowledge of the past in order to pave the future of the NACAS mission.  Mrs. Walker has been with ODU for 25 years, and is helping to build a strong, collaborative, supportive relationship between NACAS and ODU.

                Founded in 1969, NACAS is the country’s largest Auxiliary Services support organization.  NACAS strives to provide members with the essential opportunities to share ideas, discuss innovative ways to better programs, network with colleagues, hone leadership skills and professional development, and so much more. Currently, NACAS consists of about 700 U.S. institutions, 80 Canadian institutions, and eight overseas institutions. They are an invaluable resource for colleges with auxiliary services departments.

                We would like to congratulate Melvine Walker on her appointment to the NACAS East Board of Directors. We know that she will succeed in facilitating relations between NACAS and ODU, while carrying out successful tasks and events for both parties.

Posted By: Erin Fagan
Date: Mon Jun 24 01:29:37 EDT 2013