EPAFs for Graduate Assistants

The Payroll and Human Resources Departments are expanding the use of the Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs) to include Graduate Research Assistant (RA) and Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA). 

The EPAF processes will include rehiring a graduate in the same position, rehiring a graduate in a new position, a pay (stipend) change, and termination of job/employee. 

The EPAFs for Graduate Assistants will be effective August 25, 2014.

Training will be provided in July and August.   More information on training will be communicated soon. 

The paper E1SG forms will still be needed for hiring new graduate assistants who have never worked for the University before.

If this is your first time doing EPAFs, please complete the Electronic Approval Access form to be setup in the system.


Contact the following if you have any questions:
Brenda Blount at 683-5399 or Joyce Thornton at 683-6268 in Payroll.
Catherine Holland at 683-3660 or Arlinda McGruder at 683-6127 in Human Resources.

Posted By: Gloria Boone
Date: Wed May 07 12:30:44 EDT 2014