Banner upgrade: May 18, 2014

The Ellucian Banner system, which is the administrative information system of the University, and includes Leo Online, will be upgraded on May 18, 2014.  The change to Banner will bring new functionality in each of the modules included in the system. The Administrative Systems Oversight Group (ASOG) and ITS have been preparing for the upgrade since March and testing of the system is nearing completion.  For details on the functionality of the system, please contact the functional lead for the module you have questions about:


Student module, General module, Leo Online          Mary Swartz

Financial Aid Module                                                 Vera Riddick

Admissions                                                                Carolyn Eakin

Finance module                                               

Human Resources / Payroll modules                        Cheri Murphy 

General questions                                                      Michael Little 

Posted By: Michael Little
Date: Thu May 08 09:01:26 EDT 2014