Monarch Citizen of the Month

October Monarch Citizen of the Month


Congratulations to Kelsey Leo as the October Monarch Citizen of the Month. Kelsey hails from Potomac, MD and currently resides in Norfolk. Kelsey will complete her degree in May 2014 with a Masters in Community Health. She has been recognized as a vital peer mentor to upperclassmen and incoming students. Kelsey’s passion for helping others has led many students to becoming involved and succeeding academically.


A Monarch Citizen values ODU and all its members. Learning and success is a priority. A Monarch Citizen is responsible and engaged in all areas of campus and community life. Monarch Citizens embrace their roles as a Monarch and holds themselves and others to these tenets. Lastly, and most importantly, a Monarch Citizen is proud to be an ODU MONARCH! A Monarch Citizen also understands REP ODU. Responsibility, Engagement, and Pride.


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Posted By: Vicki Bonner
Date: Thu Nov 15 15:16:23 EST 2012