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Jennifer Greeno


Flier Buyer Fundraiser At Panda Express Sponsored by Tau Sigma National Honor Society

Tau Sigma National Honor Society

Webb University Ctr.

Panda Express





Come help support Tau Sigma by simply buying your lunch and help us raise money for our organization! Eat at Panda Express any time between 12 and 6 pm on Thursday January 31st and bring a copy of our flier to the counter when you purchase your food and we'll receive 20% of the sale!!! You will be able to find a copy of our flier all over campus but especially the day before and day of the event. We'll be passing them out during activity hour and will also leave plenty laying around on tables. PLEASE help us raise as much money as possible! We plan to use it for future events and community service projects! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH OTHER FRIENDS AND ODU AFFILIATES! :D


Posted By: Deborah Bousman
Date: Tue Jan 22 16:08:24 EST 2013