2/5 Intergenerational Communication - For traditional & non-traditional students

Intergenerational Communication

February 5, 2013

3:00pm – 5:00pm

President’s Dining Room, Webb Center


ODU has a diverse population and part of that diversity

includes students from various age groups or generations.

Although common, intergenerational communication carries

a strong potential for miscommunication and unsatisfying

interpersonal interactions. This occurs not only because people from different age cohorts vary in their life experiences, but also because people at different points in the life-span vary in their communication goals, needs, and expectations. Join us for a discussion on how to better communicate with your classmates from different generations.


Co-Sponsored by:

The Women’s Center and Delta Sigma Lambda

For More Information:

ODU Women's Center

1000 Webb Center




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Date: Thu Jan 31 09:57:01 EST 2013