Passport to Wellness

Stop by North Webb on Tuesday, Feb 19th from 11am-2pm to begin your journey to understanding concepts of health and wellness. Total anticipated time to complete the passport journey: 10-15 minutes


Your journey will begin with a "Natural Beauty" photo shoot in honor of The Women's Center's commitment to capture and support the natural beauty of ODU students.

Next, stop in the Health Promotion Office to view the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty ad and pick up info related to media messages and beauty,

Then, walk across the hall to the Office of Counseling Services to complete a quick "self-check up" related to your eating habits/thoughts/and feelings

Finally end your "passport journey" at the Suffolk Room and enjoy healthy snacks! Also, while in the Suffolk Room you will have the opportunity to ask ODU's Registered Dietician any questions you may have about good nutrition!

Pick up a passport at any of the passport locations to be entered into a drawing for participating and completing the evaluation.


* love_your_genes.pdf  (756.2 KB)

Posted By: Kimberly Cholewinski
Date: Tue Feb 12 11:09:22 EST 2013