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Web Style Guide & Best Practices"B" Topics

Brand Extension Logos

Old Dominion University Strome College of BusinessBrand extension logo for the College of Business and Public Administration

Brand extension logos, when available, should be used in the sidebar. For the main unit of the brand extension (the academic colleges, for example), the logo should appear at the top of the sidebar, right above the contact information. For sub-units of the brand extension (the academic departments, for example), the logo should appear at the bottom of the sidebar as the last item.

Brand extension logos may not be used as the header image on any page.

Buttons & Navigation

Buttons should be created using the Link Button component. Graphic buttons are not recommended as the responsive/scalable programming of the University website makes ensuring their proper presentation in all views impractical.

The Link Button component should be used to draw special attention to one to three links only and should not be used to provide primary navigation. No more than three Link Button components should appear on any given page.

Navigation should be accomplished through the dynamic breadcrumb system and via routers created with the List Pages component. Traditional website menus should not be created in the sidebar. The sidebar should be used for information related to the content in the primary content area, which may include sets of links to common resources or tools that apply throughout a particular section of the website.