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Web Style Guide & Best Practices"H" Topics


Extra Large (h1)

Large (h2)

Medium (h3)

Small (h4)

Extra Small (h5)
Tiny (h6)

Heading 1 (h1 - Extra Large)

Only one of these should appear on a page and it must precede all other content. Use only if an introductory title is necessary.

Heading 2 (h2 - Large)

All major headings in the primary content column should use a large heading (h2). Subheadings under these should utilize medium (h3) then small (h4), etc.

Heading 3 (h3 - Medium)

All major headings in secondary content columns or in floated sections should use medium (h3). Subheadings under these should utilize small (h4) then extra small (h5), etc.