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Corey Rynders

  • Corey Rynders
  • Assistant Professor
  • Human Movement Sciences
  • 2003a Student Recreation Ctr
  • Norfolk, VA 23529
  • 757-683-4783
  • crynders@odu.edu
  • Assistant Professor of Human Movement Sciences, received a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Virginia in 2012, a Master of Education in Exercise Physiology in 2009 from the University of Virginia, and a B.A. in Political Science in 2002 from the University of Buffalo. Previously he was a Pre-doctoral Fellow, Research Assistant and Secondary Instructor in the Department of Human Services at the University of Virginia.
  • Education

    University of Virginia, 2012
    Major: Exercise Physiology
    Degree: Ph. D.
    University of Virginia, 2009
    Major: Exercise Physiology
    Degree: M.Ed.
    University of Buffalo , 2002
    Major: Political Science
    Degree: B.A.
  • Research Interests

    Exercise intensity, insulin resistance, vascular function
  • Expertise

    Endocrinology and metabolism
  • 2012: Bruce Gansneder Outstanding Dissertation Award- Quantitative Analysis, University of Virginia- Curry School of Education
  • Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

    Effects of intensity of exercise training and Metformin in Pre-diabetic adults
    Sponsoring Organization: National Institutes of Health
    Date: April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2018
    Awarding Organization: Federal
    Investigators:Rynders, C. A.; Weltman, A.; Yan, Z.; Barrett, E. J.; Annex, B.; Patrie, J.; Liu, Z.
    Effects of exercise training intensity on glucose metabolism, beta-cell function, and visceral fat accumulation in pre-diabetic adults with combined glucose intolerance (CGI).
    Sponsoring Organization: Commonwealth Health Research Board
    Date: July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2015
    Awarding Organization: State
    Investigators:Rynders, C. A.; Weltman, A.; Ullal, J.; Nadler, J.; Breton, M.; Barrett, E. J.; ,
    Integrated Wellness Screening Program for Diabetes Prevention
    Sponsoring Organization: Obici Healthcare Foundation
    Date: October, 2013 - September, 2014
    Awarding Organization: Private
    Investigators:Rynders, C. A.; Ullal, J.; Aloi, J.
    Lifestyle Management of Metabolic Syndrome in Adults with Serious Mental Illness
    Sponsoring Organization: NIH
    Date: September 1, 2013 - August 31, 2014
    Awarding Organization: Federal
    Investigators:Rynders, C.; Colberg-Ochs, S. R.; Paulson, J.; Ullal, J.; Weltman, A.; Aloi, J.; Patrie, J.; Girois, S.
    Impact of a 12-week wellness intervention in adults with metabolic syndrome accompanied by serious mental illness (SMI)
    Sponsoring Organization: Old Dominion University Office of Research
    Date: January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013
    Awarding Organization: Old Dominion University
    Investigators:Rynders, C. A.; Paulson, J.; Colberg-Ochs, S. R.; Ullal, J.; Girois, S.