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Gazelle Award

Established in 1996 the Gazelle Award recognizes Administration and Finance employees who consistently provide outstanding service.

Only current employees working in the Division of Administration & Finance are eligible to nominate and/or be nominated for this award.

This award is presented at the annual Administration and Finance Area-Wide Meeting.


1997 Rick Lovelace
1998 Benny Jackson
1999 Cecil Smithson
2000 Ann Tatman
2001 Rickey Mendoza
2002 Dimas Cortez
2003 Elizabeth Newberry
2004 Lynda Shirk
2005 Grace Little
2006 Dwight Williford
2007 Kathy Williamson
2008 Dwayne Smith
2009 Etta Henry
2011 Mike Frizzell
2012 Chad Peevy
2013 Neil Cutler