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Mobile Email

In addition to mobile email, faculty/staff can gain access to their ODU email account through any web browser by navigating to: https://mail.odu.edu, and entering their MIDAS ID and password.

Mobile Email Setup Guides

Faculty and staff email, contacts, and calendars can be accessed on mobile devices for on or off-campus use.

IMAP Setup Instructions

In order to be able to send out emails from an IMAP client, you will first need to enable the SMTP-AUTH service in MIDAS.

  1. To activate this service, go to the MIDAS website and log in with your MIDAS ID & password: https://midas.odu.edu
  2. Click on Inactive Service
  3. Click on link for SMTP-AUTH service, then click on the button that says "Click to Activate Service".
  4. Wait about 10 minutes, and then you should be able to use the smtp-auth.odu.edu server to send out email using your MIDAS ID & password.

IMAP Server Settings

Incoming webmail.odu.edu using SSL over port 993
Outgoing smtp-auth.odu.edu using SSL over port port 465 Make sure that "authentication required" is enabled.