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Performance Planning and Evaluation

Old Dominion University is committed to providing a performance management process that rewards employees for their work contributions in a fair and equitable manner.

Rating Levels


This rating recognizes work that is at or above the performance standards by meeting and achieving the criteria of the job functions throughout the performance cycle. Employees at this level are achieving the core responsibilities and performance measures as outlined by the manager.

The term "contributor" is intended to convey a sense of commitment, purpose, and obligation that each employee has in contributing to performance, whether it be through individual or team performance. All state employees should take pride in the "contributions" that they make on a daily and long-term basis.

Extraordinary Contributor

This rating recognizes work that is characterized by exemplary accomplishments throughout the performance cycle and performance that considerably and consistently surpasses the criteria of the job function. To be eligible to receive an overall rating of Extraordinary Contributor, an employee must have received at least one documented Acknowledgement of Extraordinary Contribution or Immediate Recognition form during the rating cycle. However, receipt of these forms does not guarantee or necessarily warrant an overall rating of Extraordinary Contributor.

Below Contributor

This rating recognizes job performance that fails to meet the criteria of the job function. An employee who receives at least one Notice of Improvement Needed/ Substandard Performance form OR a Written Notice for any reason may receive an overall rating of Below Contributor on the annual rating. An employee cannot be rated Below Contributor on the annual evaluation if he or she has not received at least one Need Improvement/Substandard Performance form along with an improvement plan (which should have an improvement period of no less than 30 days or more than 180 days) during the performance cycle.

An employee who receives a rating of "Below Contributor" must be re-evaluated by the supervisor and have a performance re-evaluation plan developed within 10 work days of the evaluation meeting.

The employee will be re-evaluated three months from the date of the original evaluation. If an employee is on approved absence for more than 14 consecutive days during the 3-month re-evaluation period, the period will be extended by the total number of days of absence, including the first 24 days. Should the employee receive a re-evaluation rating of "Below Contributor" the supervisor shall demote, reassign, or terminate the employee by the end of the 3-month re-evaluation period.

Supervisors are required to complete performance evaluations between August 10 and October 24 of the performance year.

1.40: Performance Planning and Evaluation