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Solicitation Policy

It is the policy of Old Dominion University to restrict solicitation by employees, vendors, sales representatives, and others to minimize interference with the University's operation and to protect the privacy of its faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Solicitation shall be defined as:

  • Selling or promoting of products, goods, or services;
  • Use of staff and faculty listings for the purpose of solicitation;
  • Seeking contributions or pledges, and
  • Conducting membership drives for non-university affiliated organizations.

Other appropriate university solicitation policies exist; however, this policy will serve to summarize information that affects the entire university community. For guidelines affecting student solicitation issues, the Vice President for Student Affairs maintains policies regarding the Webb Center, residence halls, and non-academic use of space.

Sales representatives or vendors dealing in university supplies, equipment, or services may conduct business in accordance with university regulations. One example of an approved activity is periodic benefits/retirement fairs designed to inform faculty and staff of available benefits programs.

Fund raising or sales activities (such as the University's Dominion Fund Campus Community Campaign, the State Employee's Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign, or blood drives) sponsored by the University are considered authorized activities when approved by the President and, therefore, are not prohibited by this policy.

The University does not provide space for companies to solicit nor does it allow information to be placed on university bulletin boards without prior approval or invitation from appropriate administrative officials. The distribution of flyers placed on vehicle windshields is also prohibited.

The University does not allow non-university business meetings with product representatives on university property during an employee's normal working hours.

In accordance with the Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act andUniversity Policy 4100, "Student Record Policy," the University does not provide employee or student information (i.e., names, addresses, telephone numbers) to companies for solicitation purposes.

Persons observed soliciting on university property should be reported to department heads or managers who will then be responsible for determining whether such persons are authorized under paragraph four and five above. If not authorized, the administrator shall inform such persons of this policy and advise them that failure to cease may result in appropriate action against the offender. If the offender is an employee, such action may include discipline in accordance with appropriate university policies.