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Standards of Conduct

The Commonwealth of Virginia and Old Dominion University have established rules of personal conduct and standards of acceptable work performance for employees. Violations of the established rules and/or unacceptable work performance may result in the imposition of disciplinary action. This action is intended to be a corrective measure and shall not be based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, gender, age, veteran status, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation or genetic information.


This policy sets forth standards for professional conduct, behavior that is unacceptable, and corrective action that may be imposed to address behavior and employment problems.

Employees To Whom Policy Applies

This policy applies to positions covered by the Virginia Personnel Act including full-time and part-time classified and restricted employees. Employees who are serving probationary periods are not covered by the Standards of Conduct. Any violation or unacceptable work performance during the probationary period may lead to the immediate dismissal.

If you have questions, concerns or require additional information or guidance, contact The Department of Human Resources, Employee Relations Manager for assistance.

Supervisors are required to contact the Employee Relations Manager prior to taking any formal disciplinary action(s) toward employees.