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Managing Hourly Positions

The pay system for hourly positions is based upon the position's role title and the state's classification system. The position's role title is based upon complexity, results and accountablity stated in hourly employee's official position description. If you do not have a copy of your position description, ask your supervisor for one or request a copy from the Department of Human Resources.

To establish a new or to change an exisiting hourly position, prepare the following for submission to Human Resources.

Request to Establish/Change an Hourly Position

Section I must be completed to ensure timely processing of your request. For a Hourly position, attach a hard copy of the Position Description Form with original signatures to the HR-3. Also, please send Position Description Form as a Microsoft Word attachment on e-mail. If necessary, we will edit the automated Position Description Form and return it to you with the changes.

Position Description Instructions and Form

* hourlypdform.doc
Position Description Form

Position Physical Requirements Worksheet

This information is required for all positions being established at Old Dominion University. To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, be sure to note all Essential Tasks with the letter "E" after the percent of time spent on each task on the position description.

Temporary Employment Data Form (E-1)

The first step to recruit a position is still the submission of an EO-1 Form, Request to Recruit a Classified or Hourly Position, along with a current organizational chart for classified positions or a Position Description Form and an organizational chart for hourly positions by 12:00 noon on Wednesdays. Positions received by this deadline can be posted in the on-line Employment Application System on the following Monday.