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Academic Scheduling


The Old Dominion University web site provides numerous resources to support faculty teaching both on and off-campus. Consult the Faculty and Staff section of the University web site for a list of online resources.

Questions related to class schedules, instructor and room assignments, and other issues related to academic scheduling may be addressed to the Office of the University Registrar at scheduling@odu.edu or call (757) 683-4425. The Registrar's Office will provide assistance or will refer instructors' scheduling questions to the appropriate party.

Faculty Schedule and Course Assignments

Faculty can use the LEO Online secure self-service web site to view their teaching schedules, including a list of all courses assigned by day and time and a week-at-a glance view. A listing of courses to which a faculty person is assigned is also available.

Using LEO Online to View Schedule and Course Assignments

  • Log in to LEO Online
  • Select Faculty & Advisors
  • Select a term
  • Select one of the following:
    • Faculty Detail Schedule lists an instructor's schedule for a selected term. including course detail and CRN, level, enrollment, and meeting times and location. From here, the instructor may view course prerequisites, add a syllabus, post office hours, or view the class roster.
    • Faculty Schedule by Day and Time provides a week-at-a-glance view of an instructor's schedule, including courses without assigned meeting times.
    • View Assignment History allows an instructor to see all course assignments, both past and present, including term, CRN, course subject and number, course title, credit hours and level, campus, and status (active or cancelled). Links to course detail provide additional information.
    • Syllabus Information allows an instructor to post syllabus information, learning objectives, required materials, and technical requirements for a course.
    • Office Hours allows an instructor to maintain information on office hours for a class. Students may view your office hours when the Display indicator is checked.

Requesting Course Changes

Instructors may view their course schedule and assignments by using the LEO Online secure self-service web site. To correct errors or omissions in course assignments, faculty should contact the department chair or departmental staff of the offering department. The department will contact the Academic Scheduling staff in the Registrar's Office to have corrections made.

An instructor teaching a course but not assigned (in Banner) will not be able to view class rosters or post grades for the course. Therefore instructors are encouraged to view the class schedule and course assignments in LEO Online at the beginning of the semester and have errors corrected as soon as possible.

Faculty wishing to request a room change should consult the Room Usage Calendar to determine whether the desired room is available. This tool is searchable by event, location, date, etc. and includes a Help tab.

Distance Learning Courses

The Distance Learning web site provides information on course delivery methods and long-term course schedules.

Scheduling of distance learning courses delivered synchronously (instructor on site, broadcast, televised, videostreamed) or asynchronously (web-delivered, CD/DVD format) is done by the Office of the Registrar in collaboration with Distance Learning. Questions about the scheduling of distance learning courses should be directed to David Sorey, Senior Assistant Registrar for Scheduling.

To view courses offered through Distance Learning:

  • Go to LEO Online (www.leoonline.odu.edu)
  • Select Class Schedule Search to search for courses offered in a term (you must select at least one subject to search):
    • Use the campus search criterion to find courses taught on or off campus
    • Use the session search criterion to find courses by delivery method:
      • instructor on site
      • internet/computer based
      • televised
      • videostreamed
      • hybrid
    • Regular classes are taught at the main campus and the higher education centers
    • Televised classes are live-taught classes broadcast to remote sites in Virginia and other parts of the United States.
    • Videostreamed classes are live-taught classes delivered via videostreaming technology.
    • Web-delivered classes are asynchronous courses taken on the internet.
    • Hybrid classes use a combination of delivery methods

Room Usage Calendar

The Room Usage Calendar is an online tool that allows instructors to determine whether a room is in use on a particular date and if so, what event is taking place in that room. This tool is searchable by event, location, date, etc. and includes a Help tab.

  • choose a date on the calendar and see events for that day.
  • click on an event and see the details for that event.
  • use the Locations tab and select and building and room from the Locations index.
  • use the A-D index to see rooms in various buildings
  • use the Departmental filters to select only classes offered by a specific department.
  • use the Classroom Central tab to view more details about technology classrooms.

Faculty wishing to request a room change should contact the department chair or departmental staff, who will contact the Academic Scheduling staff to make the changes in Banner.

Off-campus access to the Room Usage Calendar is only available through the VPN. Users who are logged in to their desktop computer through the VPN should be able to view the calendar and use the search features.

Only courses and events scheduled in academic classrooms will display on the search.