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Delivering Documents

Delivering Documents to the Office of Finance

Good news for departments who deliver documents to the Office of Finance.

  • You are no longer required to date stamp documents that are delivered to the Customer Relations desk in Rollins Hall.
  • The date stamp machine is available to those who wish to use it until it breaks down again, at which time it will not be replaced. It is not necessary that you date stamp documents.
  • You are no longer required to stand in line to drop off documents at the Customer Relations desk.

New Process for Delivering Documents

We have placed a Blue Monarch Mail Box next to the elevator on the first floor of Rollins Hall. The mailbox is to be used to drop off Office of Finance documents only. Please ensure that all documents are placed in an envelope so that the contents do not get separated. Envelopes are available next to the mailbox for those who need them.

The Blue Monarch Mail Box will be emptied several times each day.

Questions about the document delivery process may be addressed to the Customer Relations Manager by telephone at 683-5288.