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Checklist for Graduating Students

I'm Graduating...What Do I Need to Do?

We often have students ask us what they need to do as they come to the end of their academic program. Below is a list of items to help you at this busy time. Some of them will not apply to all student as these are some general guidelines.

  • Want to invite your family or friends for the graduation ceremony? Visit this page for more information.

  • Clear all financial debts to the University.

  • Return all books to the library.

  • Return any equipment/books/resources to your department or lab.

  • Go to LeoOnline and change your Permanent address (this is what the University uses for mailing) and inactivate all other addresses. You won't be able to make any changes to your SEVIS addresses but they won't cause any problems for you.

  • Request copies of your transcripts from the Registrar.

  • Apply for your diploma from the Registrar.

  • Obtain any letters of reference you might need from professors or supervisors.

  • Be sure to keep important documents like your I-20s, Social Security cards, etc., in a safe place in case you need them in the future.

  • Submit the Program Departure Form if you are leaving the U.S. or changing to another visa status.

  • Submit the Transfer Out Form (online fillable) if you are going from ODU to another U.S. institution.

Holds & Post Graduation Procedures

Pending/Graduation Hold: The Registrar will place a PENDING GRADUATION hold when you submit the graduation application form. This hold will not prevent you from getting your diploma or your transcript. It will, though, stop you from registering for classes.

Questions about departing ODU? Feel free to contact us.