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Program Departure Form

Program Departure Form

This form is to be filled out by ALL international students at ODU who are permanently leaving ODU. Your submission of this form helps us make updates to your SEVIS record and/or your record in the ODU database. It is especially important for F & J visa holders as failure to make this notification will result in your being pulled for an interview in Immigration's airport office--no matter the visa status you are entering on.

If you are temporarily leaving the US (NOT for summer or winter breaks) and will be resuming your studies at ODU upon your return, DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM. You should submit the LEAVE OF ABSENCE form found on the FORMS page of the ISSS web site.

TRANSFER TO ANOTHER SCHOOL: If you would like to pursue a degree at another U.S. school, do not complete this form. Instead, please submit the TRANSFER OUT FORM found on the FORMS page of our web site.

LEGAL STATUS: From the last day of exams, F-1 visa holders have 60 days and J-1 visa holders have 30 days to leave the U.S., submit a change of status application or obtain a new visa document for another academic program. Paperwork for a change to another visa status must be started before your 30- or 60-day period begins. Check with an ISSS advisor if you have questions.

TAXES & ON-CAMPUS EMPLOYMENT: ODU Payroll sends a W-2 (or 1042-S, if applicable) form to individuals who received ODU taxable wages in the calendar year after you worked. These forms are sent to your **Permanent** address in LeoOnline, so it is important to keep it updated whether the address is in the U.S. or in another country. Income tax return forms can be downloaded from the IRS website (www.irs.gov).

Reason for Program Departure*