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Request for Academic Training

Academic training for J-1 students is allowed only if approved in writing by the Responsible
Office of the Exchange Visitor Program which is sponsoring your visa (at Old Dominion, either
Robbin Fulmore or Sara Eser). Your training must directly relate to your program of study in
the United States.

Below are the requirements and responsibilities of Academic Training:

  • The maximum amount of academic training a degree-seeking student may receive is 18
    months. This includes training both before and after the degree is received.
  • Ph.D. students who are participating in post-doctoral research (not teaching) may receive a
    total of 36 months of academic training.
  • Students in non-degree programs may only receive training for the same length of time as
    their academic studies at Old Dominion.
  • No insurance or academic holds can be in place.
  • Students sponsored by their home government must obtain permission for academic
    training before it can be authorized.
  • A letter showing a job offer must be submitted within 30 days of the end of your program.
  • Your DS-2019 must be kept current; request an extension of your document if it expires
    before the end date of your training.
  • Once your request for training has been approved, you will receive a letter outlining your
  • A change in your employer requires a new Academic Training application.
  • Please be aware that any violations of this program can result in the termination of your
    program and a return to your country.

Complete the top of the Academic Training-Advisor Approval Form and submit the form to your academic advisor or GPD.

Training can take place over a vacation, when the training is a part of your academic program (e.g. internship or co-op), when a degree or all coursework towards a degree is completed, or during a time specified in am exchange agreement under which a student is studying at Old Dominion.

An e-mail regarding your approval will be sent to your ODU student e-mail address. Should you have any questions, please contact intlstu@odu.edu.