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Leader of the Year

Leader of the Year Award

The Leader of the Year Award recognizes one graduate and one undergraduate student who have made a significant difference in an organization and the ODU community. This student serves as a role model and has exemplified positive leadership over his/her time at ODU. While involved on campus, it is vital that the student maintains academic focus; therefore, a minimum GPA of 2.5 is required.

To complete the nomination, please fill out the following information on behalf of your candidate:
Student's Contact Information:

Student Organization Advisor's Information

Is this a graduate or undergraduate student?

Please list the student's on and off-campus involvement and length of involvement in the organization(s).

How has this student's involvement made a significant difference within the organization and on ODU's campus? Please provide specific examples.

How has the student served as a role model and exemplified positive leadership within the ODU community?

Please describe the individual's character and specify how he/she stands out as an outstanding ODU leader.