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Monarch Spirit of the Year Award

Monarch Spirit of the Year Award

(The recipient of this award cannot also receive the Leader of the Year Award)

The Monarch Spirit of the Year Award recognizes one student who has made a significant difference on ODU's campus. This student serves as a role model and has exemplified being a true Monarch. He/She is always willing to show Monarch Pride, is an ambassador for ODU, and represents ODU well. This student cannot be a freshman since this award recognizes multiple years of Monarch Spirit. While involved on campus, it is vital that the student maintains academic focus; therefore, a minimum GPA of 2.5 is required.

To complete the nomination, please fill out the following information on behalf of your candidate:
Candidate's Information

Student Organization Advisor's Information

Please list the student's on and off-campus involvement and length of involvement in this organization(s).

How has this student's involvement made a significant difference at ODU? Please provide specific examples.

How has the student served as a role model and exemplified a true Monarch?

Please describe this individual's character and specify how this individual stands out as a spirited Monarch.

Please feel free to Email letters of support to Click Here