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Billing & Fees

Health Insurance Information

ODU recommends that all students have adequate health insurace coverage to cover beyond the scope of the campus health center.


Financial holds can only be removed by ODU's Finance Department.

Fees for services will be billed to the student's University account or students may elect to pay with their Monarch Plus Card at the time of service. Students who wish to pay at the time of service (without using the Monarch Plus Card) can make payments at the Cashier's Office in Rollins Hall. The student must return the paid receipt to Student Health Services on the same day.

Charges will be transferred weekly onto student's University account. Payment is due as soon as it is posted, or a financial hold will be placed on the student's account until payment is made. Payments can be made at the Cashier's Office in Rollins Hall or electronically through Leo on-line.

Students who have graduated and opt to use Student Health Services the semester after graduation are required to pay at the time of service. Payment can be made in the form of check, money order, or cash (exact change).

Students who require a statement to submit to their insurance company should request a copy of the walkout statement upon checkout.

NC = No charge for students assessed the semester health fee

Category Price
Semester Health Fee $76
Summer Health Fee $50
Summer Visit Fee $30
Routine Physicals $50
Medical Records Copying $10
Missed Appointment $10
Lab Test Fees Price
CBC (Complete Blood Count) No Charge
CBC/c Diff No Charge
Chlamydia Swab or Urine (Aptima) $12
Chlamydia, Rectal, Pharyngeal (Aptima) $45
Chlamydia, Conjunctiva (Aptima) $15
Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Swab or Urine (Aptima) $26
CMP (Compmetabolic) $18
General Culture $39
Glucose No Charge
Gonorrhea Swab or Urine (Aptima) $14
Gonorrhea, Rectal, Pharyngeal (Aptima) $45
Hepatitis B Ab (Titer) $17 Student
Hepatitis B/C Pre-Screen $37
Herpes Culture $21
HSVI & II (Serum) $63
Hgb A1C $15
HIV Test $15
Lipid Profile $16 Student
Liver Profile $15
MMR Titer $40
Mono Test No Charge
Pap Smear (Thin prep Monolayer) $19
Rapid Influenza No Charge
Rapid Strep No Charge
Sed Rate No Charge
Serum Pregnancy, Quan $15
Sickle Cell Screen $16
Skin Scrapings No Charge
Stool Culture $17
Stool Hemocults No Charge
Stool O&P $19
Syphilis $10
T-SPOT.TB test $79
T4 (thyroxine) $14
Free T4 $20
Thyroid Cascade $31
Thyroid Profile 1 $22
TSH $14
Upper Respiratory Culture $20
Urinalysis/Complete No Charge
Urine Pregnancy (HCG) No Charge
Urine Culture $29
Vaginal Wet Preps (KOH & saline) No Charge
Varicella Titer $24
Medications/Immunizations Fees Price
Albutero/Nebulizer Treatments $5
Allergy Injections (per Injection) $7
Ceftriaxone Injection 250mgIM $9
Ceftriaxone Injection (500 mgIM / 1gmIM/IV) $10/$10
Injection Fee (per Injection) $7
Gardasil Vaccine (HPV) (per Dose) $137
Hepatitis B Vaccine (per Dose) $39
Influenza Vaccine $10 Student
Menveo (Meningococcal) Vaccine $107
MMR Vaccine (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) $58
PPD (TB Skin Test) $7
Tdap (Tetnus, Diphtheria, Acellualar Pertussis) $36
Toradol Injection (Ketorolac) (30mg IM/ 60mg IM) $8/$16
Contraceptives Fees Price
Apri/Emoquette (Generic for Desogen) 3/$29, 6/$51, 10/$81, 13/$138
Orsythia (Generic for Alesse) 3/$37, 6/$68, 10/$108
Condoms (Regular/Magnums) 12/$1-$2
Condoms (non-latex) 6/$3
Nortel (Generic for Modicon) 3/$42, 6/$78
Medroxprogesterone Acetate Injection (Generic for DepoProvera) $59
Plan B (Levonorgestrel) $16
Ortho Tri-Cyclen (Tri-Previfem) 3/$37
Veilvet (generic for Cyclessa) 3/$42, 6/$78, 10/$125
Miscellaneous Fees Price
Cryotherapy (1-6 warts & 7 or more warts) $10/$15
Dental Dams 3/$2
Ear-wax Removal Kit $6.50
Electrocardiogram $20
IV Fluid $20 First Liter/$15 addl liter
Minor Surgical Procedures $25
Peak Flow Meters $16
Acupuncture $20
Orthopedic Devices Price
Crutches $20
Lace-Up Ankle Brace No Charge
Slings No Charge
Aluminum Wrist/Forearm Splint/Thumb Splint No Charge