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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin?

In order to begin the application and room reservation process, you must be admitted and confirm your enrollment to Old Dominion University. Once admitted, you need to activate your MIDAS ID via: https:// https://midas.odu.edu/. Follow the new user instructions to setup your account. You will have access to the ODU Housing Portal within an hour of activation.

What is the ODU Housing Portal?

The ODU Housing Portal is a system that allows you to submit an electronic application and reserve a room. The ODU Housing Portal allows you the convenience of selecting your own building, room, and roommate(s) based on availability.

Who is eligible to enter the ODU Housing Portal?

All students, current and prospective (must have confirmed to attend ODU), may enter the ODU Housing Portal.

How do I enter the ODU Housing Portal?

You can enter the ODU Housing Portal by logging on to www.odu.edu/housing and clicking on the ODU Housing Portal button located in the column on the right.

What do I do if I am having problems accessing my application?

A couple of things could be happening that are preventing your access.

  1. Have you confirmed your admission to the University? If not, you need to do that through Undergraduate Admissions before you will have access to the application.
  2. Have you activated your MIDAS username and password? If not, go to www.midas.odu.edu to start that process.

If none of the above answer your issue, please email our office at housing@odu.edu for assistance.

Who is eligible to enter the ODU Housing Portal?

The ODU Housing Portal is a system that allows you to submit an electronic application and reserve a room. The ODU Housing Portal allows you the convenience of selecting your own building, room, and roommate(s) based on availability.

How will I navigate through the ODU Housing Portal?

The ODU Housing Portal has a step-by-step application process. In order to successfully complete the application and room selection process, students are encouraged to read and follow directions on each screen in the portal. If you have questions navigating through the portal, please contact Housing & Residence Life at (757) 683-4283.

When can I begin the application process?

The ODU Housing Portal for prospective students, who have confirmed, opens on November 18, 2013. Therefore, all new, incoming students can enter the ODU Housing Portal to complete the first half of the application process. If a Room Reservation Timeslot has not been set, the system will stop you until a Room Reservation Timeslot has been generated for you.

How do I know if my application is complete?

A $250 housing deposit must be paid in order to complete your electronic application in the ODU Housing Portal. Please keep in mind, priority of room selection is based on the date of the deposit; therefore, you should submit a deposit as soon as possible.

How can I make the $250.00 payment?

Deposits can be completed in the ODU Housing Portal or at the Cashier's window, on campus.

What if I cannot afford the $250.00 (non-refundable application fee and housing deposit)?

We understand that some students may have problems fronting the cost of applying. If you have individual circumstances that may require some financial assistance, please contact our main office for assistance at housing@odu.edu.

Am I eligible to reserve my own room?

If you have completed your deposit and electronic application prior to April 14, 2014 you will be given a Room Reservation Timeslot.

What is a Room Reservation Timeslot?

A Room Reservation Timeslot is the time when you will enter the ODU Housing Portal to reserve your space. The Room Reservation Timeslot is based on the date of your deposit and gives groups who have the ability to fill a room/suite priority in the sign-up process. Groups and individuals will receive a predetermined lottery number. Room Reservation Timeslots will be generated based on the number of applicants who have applied at the time of generation. You will be notified of your lottery number by email before your reservation timeslot.

What if I miss my Room Reservation Timeslot?

If you miss your Room Reservation Timeslot, you may still have an opportunity to sign up for a space, based on availability. If your sign up period has expired, you can still enter the system until the last timeslot ends.

Do you need roommate(s) to fill your room/suite?

If you can fill an entire room/suite you will have priority in selecting a space. You can search for compatible roommates or allow Housing & Residence Life to assign a roommate to you. Roommates can be determined by searching for detailed information, viewing the student profile, or by matching profile question responses.

Search by details: If you already have a roommate in mind, this feature allows you to search for your selected roommate by providing the other student's University Identification Number (UIN).

Search by student profile questions: This option allows you to search for roommates by selecting profile questions that are important to you when selecting a compatible roommate.

Search by browsing matching roommates: This allows you to browse roommates who have a similar match to your profile questions. It will show a percentage of compatibility based on your responses from your profile questions.

Once you have determined a compatible roommate match, you must request that person to be your roommate. A message will be sent to that student and they need to logon to the ODU Housing Portal and accept the request. The requested roommate can review your profile, before clicking accept request. The requested roommate also has the option to decline the request. If your roommate request is denied, you will receive a message and should attempt to select another roommate.

If you are not interested in searching for a compatible roommate, someone may still request you as a roommate. If you do not select a roommate, Housing & Residence Life will assign a roommate to you.

How will I know who is behind the screenname?

You can send messages to others in the roommate search section. We encourage you to contact possible roommates outside the ODU Housing Portal to get to one another prior to finalizing room selection.

What are the rates for the 2014-2015 Agreement Periods?

Unfortunately, the rates for the upcoming agreement periods have not yet been approved by the Board of Visitors and will not be approved until the April board meeting when the University budget is approved. Feel free to review our current rates.

Can I change my preferences?

If you would like to change the preferences on your application please log back into your application and make any updates. Incoming, new ODU Students can make edits and updates through June 1, 2014; after which time preferences are finalized.

Why didn't I get assigned with my preferred roommate?

Please remember that while we make every effort to accommodate roommate preferences, we cannot always make them happen. Sometimes, the roommate matches do not occur for several reasons:

  1. Students did not confirm each others' request
  2. Both students did not list the same room preferences; or
  3. When the system went to assign the students there were no vacant double rooms left to make the accommodation.

If it is prior to August 1, 2013 students can submit a Room Re-Assignment Request and if we can make the change we will do so; if it is after August 1, 2013, students will need to go through the Room Change Process, which begins the third Monday of the semester with the Residence Hall Director.

Why isn't the building I want listed for me to preference?

Different buildings are allocated to different populations; students can only preference buildings based on their population (i.e. first-year v. returning student). Buildings that are most frequently preferenced will be removed from the list of choices when enough applicants have already preferenced that building and living there would no longer be an option.

Why didn't I get the housing preference I indicated on my application?

Housing assignments are facilitated on a first-come, first-served basis and HRL started accepting applications in November 2013. Even though some students will apply early, many other students with similar preferences may have already applied. So remember, it's not just a question of applying early, but also how many other students have the same preferences as you.

Can I cancel later if I don't get my top choice for housing?

No, you cannot cancel because you did not get your top choice for housing. Remember that your housing application was for a space on campus, not a particular assignment. While we work to accommodate preferences, we cannot make those guarantees. After the initial cancellation deadlines students are only able to be released from the Housing and Dining Agreement under certain conditions; please refer to our Cancellation section of the website for further information and guidance.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

You may cancel your reservation through the ODU Housing Portal. You will need to select the application you are cancelling and the last page of the application is an electronic cancellation form. In order to have your deposit refunded you must cancel before the priority cancellation deadline, May 15, 2014.

After the priority cancellation date, you will forfeit your deposit. You must still notify Housing & Residence Life at housing@odu.edu to have your reservation cancelled.

Why is my deposit non-refundable after May 15?

In order for students to secure their place for on-campus housing, they must pay the $50.00 application fee and $200.00 housing deposit (this is in addition to the $200.00 Admissions Deposit). Depending upon your circumstances you may be released from your Housing and Dining Agreement, but no refunds are provided beyond the initial cancellation deadline.

Are freshmen required to live on-campus?

Old Dominion University does not have an on-campus residency requirement, so no students are required to live on campus.

What happens if I complete my application after May 15?

Students will be assigned through opening weekend, and will not be in the first batch assignment process in mid-July.

How will I receive information from Housing & Residence Life?

Housing & Residence Life sends all correspondence to your ODU email account. It is your responsibility to check your ODU email account periodically for any information regarding the application process or other Housing & Residence Life information.