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Student Parking

Student parking

Students parking on campus must comply with the proper rules and regulations.

Faculty & Staff Parking

Lot 49

Information about Faculty/Staff permits and rates.

Visitor Parking

Transportation & Pakring Service Front Office

Campus visitors should either park in visitor lot, visit the Parking Office, or park in a meter.

Special Events Parking

Parking sign

Several large scale events are hosted by the University which require a comprehensive reserved parking plan. Parking and Transportation Services students are required to staff key areas in accordance with an operation plan developed by the office.

Parking Regulations


Transportation & Parking Services regulations apply to all vehicles driven or parked on university property regardless of who operated the vehicle.

Enforcement & Citations


Following the parking regulations is easy, but if you should happen to violate them, be sure you're aware of the corrective measures that can be used.


Garage D

ODU has five parking garages with different parking zones in each.

Parking Maps

General Campus Map

Special Zones


Local Tolls and E-ZPass

Tolls and EzPass

Learn about your options for paying local tolls at the Downtown and Midtown Tunnels