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Vehicles parked anywhere on University property may be immobilized or towed at owner's expense. Vehicles may be immobilized with a "wheel boot" as an alternative to towing. The option to tow or boot is at the discretion of the Director of Transportation and Parking Services.

Immobilization devices will be removed only upon payment of all outstanding fines. Owners of immobilized vehicles may contact the PTS office during business hours or Public Safety at (757) 683-4000 after closing.

Vehicles removed by towing are stored at Jack's Towing, 1114 Harmony Road, Norfolk, VA 23502 (757) 461-5765.

Towed vehicles may be reclaimed 24 hours a day. The towing fee is $150.00, and storage charges are $30.00 per day starting after 24 hours from the time of the tow. The towing fee (cash only) is payable directly to Jack's Towing. After the vehicle is there for 72 hours, it is processed through DMV at a charge of $75.00. (Fees subject to change without notice.)

  • illegally parked in a space reserved for the disabled
  • parked in a designated reserved space
  • abandoned vehicles
  • parked in an area designated as no-parking or tow-away zone
  • blocking traffic or fire lanes, or obstructing flow of traffic
  • for fire/safety reasons
  • use of an illegal, altered, stolen decal or pass
  • excessive citations (three or more)

Abandoned Vehicles

Transportation and Parking Services follows the state statute § 46.2-1213 for the removal of abandoned vehicles from campus facilities.