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Intramural Sports

Flag Football

In order to play, your ODU/EVMS ID must:

  • Be your own ODU/EVMS ID
  • Have you picture clearly visible
  • Have your name clearly visible
  • Have your UIN clearly visible

Driver's license or other photo idetificiation cards will not be accepted.

Intramural Sports

Old Dominion University has one of the most active intramural programs in the region, serving more than 6,000 participants each year. Both recreational and competitive leagues are offered for men's, women's, Greek (teams from affiliated fraternities and sororities) co-recreational, and Residence Life (teams from on-campus housing) The mission of the program is to provide exercise, recreation, competition, and fun to all participants and ODU employees in a relaxed, yet structured environment. It is our goal to keep the excitement of competition alive while placing emphasis on having fun, good sportsmanship, and fair play among all teams and individuals which are vital to our program.

Intramural programs consist of individual and team leagues, individual and team tournaments, and special events. Each championship individual or team will receive an intramural championship t-shirt and earn a spot on the "Wall of Champions" located in the Student Recreation Center.

To register for an intramual leagues, tourament or special event list below, simply CLICK HERE.



Sport Who Team Creation Registration Dates League Run/Start Date(s)
6v6 Dodgeball Tournament Men, Women & Co-Rec Sunday, January 19 - Sunday, February 2 Wednesday, February 5 - Thursday, February 6
Table Tennis Tournament Men & Women Sunday, January 26 - Wednesday, February 5 Friday, February 7
Badminton Tournament Men & Women Sunday, March 23 - Wednesday, April 2 Friday, April 4
4v4 Flag Football Tournament Men, Women & Co-Rec Sunday, March 16 - Monday, March 31 Sunday April 6 and Sunday, April 13
Sand Volleyball Tournament Men, Women & Co-Rec Sunday, April 6 - Monday, April 21 Sunday, April 27
NBA 2K14 Xbox Tournament Men & Women Sunday, January 5 - Monday, January 20 Wednesday, January 22 - Thursday, January 23
FIFA 12 Xbox Tournament Men & Women Sunday, March 2 - Sunday, March 17 Wednesday, March 19 - Thursday, March 20
5v5 Basketball League Men, Women & Co-Rec Sunday, December 8 Sunday, December 29 - Monday, January 13 Tuesday, January 21 - Friday, March 6
Floor Hockey League Men & Co-Rec Sunday, February 2 Sunday, February 9 - Monday, February 17 Monday, February 24 - Tuesday, March 27
6v6 Volleyball League Men, Women & Co-Rec Sunday, February 16 Sunday, February 23 - March 3 Monday, March 17 - Sunday, April 27
7v7 World Cup Soccer League Men, Women & Co-Rec Sunday, February 23 Sunday, March 2 - Monday, March 17 Sunday, March 23 - Sunday, April 29
Slow Pitch Softball League Men, Women & Co-Rec Sunday, February 23 Sunday, March 2 - Monday, March 17 Sundays, March 23 - April 27

***All Intramural sport rules and captain's meeting information is located on IMleagues.com/ODU***


  • Each student must sign a RELEASE AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK WAIVER (which releases the university and university employees and officers of liability in case of bodily injury).
  • All Full-time Students (undergraduate and graduate enrolled continuously in at least 3 credit hours), faculty and staff (that own a valid membership to the Student Recreation Center).
  • Any person having been classified as a PROFESSIONAL athlete in a particular sport will not be eligible to participate in that sport or a related sport. They may, however, participate in other non-related activities.
  • Current members of ODU varsity roster for intercollegiate athletic teams are not eligible to participate in that same sport or a related sport for that academic school year.
  • Individuals who are trying out for an intercollegiate team but who are not on a permanent roster will be permitted to participate until they are placed on a permanent roster. If they are placed on a permanent roster they will then become ineligible for that sport.
  • Red shirted athletes will not be eligible to play that same or related sport.
  • A former varsity athlete from any institution will be ineligible to compete in that sport for the academic school year. Such individuals are limited to one per team roster.
  • Current sport club members listed on a sport club roster with the Recreation and Wellness office, are limited to two (2) per team roster and are ineligible for individual/dual activities in his/her related sport.
  • Once a player has played in a game for a specific team, he/she will not be permitted to play on any other teams within that division/league for the duration of that season and/or tournament. A player can only play for one (1) single sex team and one (1) co-rec team. Penalty: Any game(s) in which the illegal player has participated in will result in a FORFEIT.

Team Name Guidelines

When registering for team leagues and tournaments the captain may select a team name for their team's designation. Please be creative, we encourage unique team names with the following stipulations:

  • No vulgar, profane or derogatory language

  • No references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or violence

  • No sexual references or innuendos

  • No confusing terms such as BYE or canceled, etc.

Teams with an inappropriate team name will be notified and given an opportunity to provide an appropriate name. In the event an appropriate name is not provided the Intramural Staff will create a team name and notify the captain of the change. Teams will not be allowed to compete while wearing team apparel with inappropriate names or pictures.

Uniform and Jewelry Policy

Jewelry Policy

Jewelry is not allowed to be worn by any participant during an Intramural contest. This includes any rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and any other such similar jewelry. The following pieces of jewelry are permissible but must be secured to the body: medical bracelets and religious jewelry. The officials and supervisors on duty have the authority to disallow any participant from participating that they feel would endanger the person wearing the jewelry or their opponents until it is removed.

Headgear Policy

Headgear is not allowed to be worn by any participant during an Intramural contest. For INDOOR sports, this headgear includes: any hats, bandanas, baseball caps, winter/wool hats, and any other similar headgear. This also applies to OUTDOOR sports with the following exceptions: winter/wool hats are allowed. The officials and supervisors on duty have the authority to disallow any participant from participating that they feel would endanger the person wearing the headgear or their opponents until it is removed.

Additional Safety Information

NONE of the following are allowed to be worn by any participant during an Intramural contest:

  • Street pants (jeans, khakis, etc.)

  • Bare feet

  • Baseball Hats

  • A guard, cast or brace made of hard leather, plaster, metal or any other hard substance, even though covered with soft padding when worn on the elbow, hand, finger, wrist or forearm.

Free Agents

Interested in Intramurals but don't have a team? No Problem!!! You can register as a free agent by completing the free agent form. The following options are available for individuals looking for a team:

  • Will provide all captains a list of available free agents.

  • Attend Captain's Meeting to meet team captains and advertise yourself to teams looking for players.

  • Wait for a team captain to contact you.

  • Show up at venue during the regular season and ask to join a team which you are eligible for.

  • As a reminder, we do not guarantee that you will be placed on a team.

Weather and Other Notifications

Cancellations due to weather will be made by 4pm game day; a member of the Intramural Staff will be in contact with your team captain usually by phone. If a decision due to severe weather can be made much earlier in the day an e-mail will be sent to team captains. Game time weather decisions can be made by the supervisor on duty in the event inclement weather is present during an intramural event. All games will be rescheduled based on availability of facility space.

Forfeit Bond Policy

The Forfeit Bond will be charged if a team forfeits a game during preseason, regular season, or post-season play. If a team knows they will not have enough players for their scheduled game, they must call the Recreation and Wellness Office 24hrs in advance from the time of their scheduled game, this will result in a default, instead of a forfeit and your team will not be charged the Forfeit Bond.


Please Contact Brandon below if you need to default your scheduled game:

Brandon Adams - Assistant Director of Intramurals
Phone - 757-683-3764
Email - badams@odu.edu