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Getting Connected

Our Commitment

ITS is committed to providing high speed Ethernet and Wireless connectivity, cable television, local phone service, and support for personally owned computers.

Helpful Links:

Computer Checklist

ResNet has developed a checklist of computer-related items to bring when you move to campus.

If you are unsure of your computer's compatibility with our network, please consult our Recommended Configuration page by clicking on the link for the Monarch Mobile Notebook Program.

In order to maximize your computing experience at Old Dominion, it is suggested that you bring the following computer-related items when you move in:

  • Compact discs for your computer: Bring all CDs supplied to you from your computer's manufacturer. These CDs have various labels, the most common being Recovery, Drivers, and Applications. This is needed in the event of a catastrophic failure and system needs to be restored.
  • Six-outlet power strip - ResNet recommends purchasing a power strip with a built in surge protector.
  • Licenses, CD-Keys, and manuals for all software. OCCS will only install Original Licensed software.
  • Computer cables (power, printer, audio, etc) Recommended length of 20ft.
  • Ethernet (RJ-45) cable for connecting to University network (minimally 10ft.)
  • Ethernet card disks and manuals
  • Computer access passwords i.e., does your computer ask for a password when turned on? If it does not ask for a password, we strongly suggest you set its feature to protect others from accessing your computer.
  • Hardware receipt photocopies - helpful in identifying installed components and specifying warranty information.
  • If you own a notebook: Bring an external CD drive to load or reload software, if necessary.
  • Phone: Any type of standard phone (cordless or wired)
    - If cordless, 5 GHz is recommended.
  • Telephone cable (RJ-11 - minimally 6ft.)
  • Cable Television:
    Coaxial Cable (minimally 10ft.)
  • VCR/DVD with applicable cables (optional)
  • One Phone per room
  • One Television per room

Purchasing a Computer

A guide to help you in the purchase ofo your new computer.

Monarch Techstore

Right on the ODU campus, the Monarch Techstore, is the place for your computing hardware and software needs!

Securing Your Computer

Instructions on how to keep your computer safe from viruses & spam.

Wireless Internet

ODU Wireless Networks

Old Dominion University's wireless network coverage is available in all academic buildings and 99% of outdoor spaces on campus.

Ethernet Connectivity (Wired Internet)

You must request ITS activate the Ethernet port in your room in order to estbalish an Ethernet connection.

To Connect to ResNet
To connect to ResNet, simply plug your computer into the wired port (after it has been activated). Then open a web browser and enter you MIDAS ID and password. You should now be connected.

Recommended and Supported Systems
ITS will only support the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • OS X (10) (Macintosh)
  • Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu)

Anti-virus requirements
Systems should have McAfee Anti-virus loaded and enabled. It is available as a free download from the ITS Downloads page. Please see the McAfee Installation Guide if you need further assistance.

Registering a Game Console

In order to use a game console on ODU ResNet, you will need to register your console with ITS.

Cable Television

How to set up your television for ODU Monarch Vision (Cable TV).


How to set up your phone in your dorm.

Prohibitied Items/Actions on the Residential Network

List of items and actions that are prohibited on the campus network.

Legal Sources for Digital Entertainment

Information about downloading digital media legally.

DCMA Information

Learn about the University's compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.