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Women's Caucus


  • Support campus services and programs that address the needs of women
  • Support efforts to remove systemic barriers to the advancement of women and minorities
  • Foster dialogue between the Caucus and the Administration
  • Offer mentoring, networking opportunities and informative programs
  • Increase access to quality childcare for University employees
  • Assist in the identification and resolution of campus safety issues
  • Promote equal opportunity and affirmative action in hiring, promotion and compensation

The University Women's Caucus, formed in 1974, is an organization of women whose concerns include actively advancing the welfare of women throughout the university. Specifically, the caucus aids affirmative-action efforts to recruit and retain women and lobbies for equal treatment in salary, rank, tenure, promotion, research leave, and responsibilities. The caucus sponsors workshops and presentations on a wide variety of topics for personal and professional development and provides a forum to discuss policies and decisions affecting women on campus.

Tenure & Promotion Issues

Wo-Mentoring Program