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About Launch Hampton Roads

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Launch Hampton Roads is an effort part of the Virginia Employment Through Entrepreneurship Consortium (VETEC) to provide entrepreneruship training under the U.S. Department of Labor's Workforce Innovation Fund.

The program will provide 250 adult and dislocated workers eligible for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) services with comprehensive entrepreneurship training and technical assistance.

This program is part of a formal study being conducted by a third-party evaluator to identify the optimal mix of services for preparing individuals to become successful entrepreneurs. As a study, participants will be chosen at random by a third-party evaluator from those OppInc has determined to be eligible. Approximately 50% of those who apply will be chosen to participate in the program.

Forty Hour Core Training Program

All Participants will receive customized training and a forty hour core curriculum that includes:

Simple Steps for Starting a Business

Helps clients through the basic step-by-step process of how to start a business and provides them with the tools and templates to turn their business idea into reality.

Business Planning

This is in-depth training provided through a combination of classroom training and individual consultation to create an operational Business Plan


Training covers basic accounting and finance principles for responsible money management, including record keeping, tax issues, financial statement analysis, cash budgeting, investments and financial management tools.

Finance and Credit

Training covers financing options available to entrepreneurs and helps them to understand how a positive credit score and building credit can impact financing necessary to start a business.

Sales and Marketing

Participants learn to creatively sell their goods or services, effectively market their business, and develop a marketing plan.

Content Developers

Content for the initial Launch Hampton Roads training camp has been developed by Old Dominion University Business Gateway Associate Director J.C. Brinker and Old Dominion University Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship Dr. Stephen Lanivich.

Additional Training

In addition to the core training, Old Dominion University Business Gateway, in partnership with other Hampton Roads entrepreneurial organizations, will provide participants with additional training opportunities.