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Department of Physics Graduate StudentGuidance Committee

This committee is responsible for advising all aspects of the graduate education of incoming graduate students who have not passed the qualifying examinations. These include the overall plan of study for a student, such as course work, exam preparation, and general advising about research opportunities within the department.

The guidance committee for each student consists of at least three members of the approved Graduate Faculty within the Physics department. As a practical matter, this committee is normally composed of three members of the graduate committee familiar with the course and examination requirements of the department and the university. If a student has a specific research interest with a particular faculty member, that faculty member may also be appointed as an additional member of the Guidance Committee for that student. Further, one member of the guidance committee should be the chairperson of the Graduate Committee, for that person is normally most familiar with the necessary paperwork for course registration and course requirements for graduate students. This also insured uniform advising with regard to all students. Normally the Guidance Committee is formed as a subcommittee of the Graduate Committee, and is appointed by the Graduate Committee Chair.

An essential task for the Guidance Committee is to provide initial evaluation and advising for incoming graduate students, and to place those students in the proper courses. Assessing the need for remedial study, and continued monitoring of the remedial study is most critical. In some cases, it can be necessary for the Guidance Committee to administer an informal written entrance examination. The results of any such examination would serve to guide placement of incoming students in the proper courses. The Guidance Committee will meet once per semester to advise the student on course enrollment, to evaluate progress of the student and to make recommendations for any changes deemed necessary in the program of study.

The Guidance Committee serves to advise each graduate student until they have passed the qualifying examinations and until a Dissertation Committee has been formed. Then the responsibilities of the Guidance Committee with regard to that student are met.

Students registering for research credits need the approval of the instructor directing the proposed research. This approval can be obtained using the form Topics/Research Course Registration Form at the time of registration.