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Outside Employment

Policies on Outside Employment and Extra Compensation, are provided verbatim from the Old Dominion University Faculty Handbook. See the Faculty Handbook for the policies' specific guidelines.

Outside Employment

"This policy recognizes the necessity of providing some opportunities for approved outside employment by full-time faculty but also recognizes the need for the University to be sure that faculty are devoting their full attention and energy to supporting the instructional, research, and service programs of the University. The intention of this policy is to ensure that there is no conflict of interest between a faculty member's outside employment activities and the job for which he or she is being employed at the University."

Extra Compensation

"The University encourages appropriate and properly sanctioned faculty creative and professional activity that may result in extra faculty compensation. Such appropriate activities include, but are not necessarily limited to teaching, research, professional consulting, invention, technical or professional innovation, and clinical practices."

When a faculty member plays a consulting role on a grant or contract from another university, this work is usually judged not to be an outside activity and is normally treated as a sub-contract or sub-grant from the university receiving the award. More specific guidelines can be found in the Faculty Handbook.