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Sea Level Rise & Adaptation Forum

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in Hampton Roads

A Forum to Address Concerns, Best Practices and Plans for Adaptation

Troy W. Hartley, Virginia Sea Grant, Virginia Institute of Marine Science. (PI)

Benjamin McFarlane, Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, Chesapeake, VA

C. Ariel Pinto, Engineering Management & Systems Engineering, Old Dominion University

Larry Atkinson, Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Initiative, Old Dominion University

The Hampton Roads Adaptation Forum is a regional dialogue among municipalities committed to adopting effective adaptation designs and plans, tailored to meet the needs of our communities in the face of rising sea levels due to climate change. The Forum will be composed of academic institutions and local, regional, state, and Federal agency officials with authority and responsibility for critical infrastructure and facilities in Hampton Roads (e.g., engineers, planners, facility managers, administrators, etc.). We seek to build a professional network that shares information and adaptation lessons learned through communication and information management.

The Forum will enable the most effective and efficient local government adaptation activities by:

Identifying community-specific best practices in adaptation strategies, technologies, and specifications, and promoting broad adoption for regional compatibility.

Facilitating consistency in data management and sharing to ensure common scientific understanding and foundation for local and regional response.

Establishing targeted, specific adaptation action plans for the priority sub-areas identified in current sea level rise, inundation and flooding assessments.

Facilitating communication and enabling coordination across these priority sub-areas to promote nested sub-systems into the broader local city, metropolitan area, and Hampton Roads regional adaptation planning and response.

Conducting pro-active Federal liaison functions to provide a venue for local-state-Federal dialogue that promotes a comprehensive system-wide response.

Monitoring and sharing information on effectiveness of adoption and implementation of specific adaptation activities to enable adaptive management among Hampton Road municipalities and state and federal agencies.

A knowledge management system based on Basecamp, which is a widely used, web-based project management and collaboration tool, will allow the municipalities and local, state and federal facilities in the Hampton Roads region to fully leverage their intellectual capital (institutional, social, human) in support of climate adaptation implementation objectives. The Basecamp knowledge management system will provide a framework for a comprehensive inventory of the people, processes and enabling technologies directly related to support local climate change and sea level rise adaptation. To gain access to the Basecamp for the Hampton Roads SLR Adaptation Forum project please contact Liz Smith (exsmith@odu.edu).