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Undergraduate Research Highlights

2011-2012 Provost's Award for Outstanding Faculty Research Mentor

Dr. Stephen Ludwig Bültmann
Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. Bültmann has been involved in mentoring undergraduate researchers since he came to ODU in 2003. He has mentored 17 undergraduate students, resulting in 5 publications that included undergraduates as co-authors, multiple student co-authored posters/presentations, and 13 senior theses. His work with undergraduates has been truly collaborative and he has put tremendous efforts into expanding undergraduate research opportunities in his department. Finally, Dr. Bültmann has been awarded a major grant from the NSF that includes undergraduate research as a major component of the project.

2011-2012 Provost's Awards for Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers

Joshua Hibberd
Department of Physics/Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mr. Hibberd graduated from ODU in December 2011 with a double major in Physics and Electrical Engineering. Throughout his time at ODU, he has been deeply involved in undergraduate research and participated in research in both the College of Engineering, Department of Physics, and NASA Langley. His senior thesis was a collaborative project that involved faculty mentors from both Physics and Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences. Mr. Hibberd's has presented his work at major professional conferences and is currently pursuing opportunities in aerospace electronics with the U.S. Air Force.

Julianna Pryor
Department of Biological Sciences/Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics

Ms. Pryor is a Biology major who will graduate in May of 2012. She has been active in Dr. Michael Stacey's laboratory at the Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics since May 2011. Her research has focused on the role of gene expression in chest wall cartilage deformities. Ms. Pryor has been an active participant in ODU's Undergraduate Research Program initiatives including the annual research symposium, undergraduate research grant program, and conference travel program. At the end of March, Ms. Pryor will be representing ODU at the CUR National Undergraduate Research Conference and in April she will be participating in the CAA Undergraduate Research Conference hosted here at ODU. Finally, Ms. Pryor is a co-author on a manuscript that has been submitted to the peer reviewed journal "Connective Tissue Research".

5th Annual ODU Undergraduate Research Symposium

In February 2012, ODU held its Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium at the new Learning Commons in Perry Library. The event featured research presentations and poster sessions, and a visual arts exhibit. Over 100 undergraduate students participated in this event by presenting the results of their undergraduate research, scholarship, or creative works. The symposium program can be found at the Symposium Website, and pictures of this event can be found on our Facebook page.

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program Sites

Previous Research Highlights

2011-2012 Undergraduate Research Grants

The Undergraduate Research Program supported 29 undergraduate research and scholarship projects in th 2010-11 academic year.

Complete List of Awardees

Undergraduate research grants provide support for undergraduates conducting original research, scholarship, or creative work under the mentorship of a full-time faculty member. This program is open to all ODU juniors and seniors with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25.

Researcher Major Mentor Semester
Kevin Kircheval Biochemistry Dr. X. Nancy Xu Fall 2011
Rachel Simmons Human Movement Science Dr. David Swain Fall 2011
Jeffrey Goodwin Biochemistry and Biology Dr. Lesley Greene &
Dr. Mounir Laroussi
Fall 2011
Dynesse Saling Chemistry Dr. Lesley Greene Fall 2011
Joseph Orians Biochemistry

Dr. Lesley Greene &
Dr. Mounir Laroussi

Fall 2011
Sydney Davis Biology Dr. Anna Jeng Spring 2012
Julianna Pryor Biology Dr. Michael Stacey Spring 2012
Akeem Edwards Computer Science Dr. Yaohang Li Spring 2012
Namyong Lee Accounting Dr. Jong C. Park Spring 2012
Laura Pace Psychology Dr. James Henson Spring 2012
Hilary Morris Sandberg Biomedical Engineering Dr. Dean Krusienksi Spring 2012
Christopher Flowers Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences Dr. Alexander Bochdansky Summer 2012
Lance Berlin Electrical & Computer Engineering Dr. W. Steven Gray Summer 2012
George Micros Electrical & Computer Engineering Dr. Dean Krusienski Summer 2012
William Perez Exercise Science Dr. David Swain Summer 2012
William Collins Film Studies Dr. Daniel O'Leary Summer 2012
Ann Creasy Biology Dr. Lisa Horth Summer 2012
Joseph Newton Physics/Electrical Engineering Dr. Lepsha Vuskovic Summer 2012
Seth Warren Biology/Chemistry Dr. Nancy Xu Summer 2012
Ashley Moye Biological Sciences Dr. David Gauthier Summer 2012
Mindy Marshall Biological Sciences Dr. D. Gauthier &
Dr. Holly Gaff
Summer 2012
Brittany St. Jacques Biological Sciences Dr. David Gauthier Summer 2012
Kymberly Bartholomew Art History Dr. Anne Muraoka Summer 2012
Joshua Lund Electrical Engineering Dr. Christian Zemlin Summer 2012
Stefanie Snyder Biology Dr. Deborah Waller Summer 2012
Joseph Vesley Political Science & Geography Dr. David Earnest Summer 2012
Leslie Renn Fine Arts Ken Daley Summer 2012