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Center for Major Exploration

Major/Career Exploration Events

Find Your Future!

Welcome to the Center for Major Exploration (CME). CME staff is dedicated to assisting exploratory students in making a good decision about a major. Nationally, anywhere between 60% - 80% of college students change majors one or more times, so you are not alone.

CME offers specialized advising for students who are undecided about what major is right for them. The exploratory advising program guides students through the process of identifying and realizing educational and career goals. Programming, courses and one-on-one advising activities empower students to understand ways in which their interests, abilities, values and goals will relate to their chosen major. CME advisors put an emphasis on assisting students with developing and enhancing their decision making and critical thinking skills.

CME offers individual advising sessions and a decision making workshop to facilitate the choice of a major. Students will have the opportunity to utilize interest inventories as well as online resources to explore a variety of majors and career options. Advisors help students monitor their academic progress, plan their course schedules and interpret university regulations and procedures-all with the goal of maximizing academic success. In addition, students have the opportunity to enroll in UNIV 120 "Career Exploration" which is designed to guide students through the process of exploring options for a major and the career opportunities related to them. If you are uncertain which major path is the right one for you and need assistance, make sure that you come and "CME".

CME'S Major Exploration Process

All exploratory students entering CME are required to complete the CME three-step process:

  • Initial Interview
  • Decision Making Workshop
  • Advising Appointment
3 Step Graphic

"Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience."

- Richard J. Light

General Information

General information.

Non-Degree Student Advising

Non-Degree students are strongly encouraged to contact their academic department of interest before registering for courses if intending to apply as degree seeking for a successive term. The Center for Major Exploration will assist non-degree students who are truly undecided on their major.

Major Exploration & Academic Resources

Resources and services designed to help students find an appropriate major and career.

Decision Making Workshops

Decision making workshops are designed to help students choose a major, decide on a career path, set goals, and evaluate degree requirements.