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Warranty Information



Apple MacBooks purchased through the Mobile Monarch Program have the option to be covered for up to four years under AppleCare for warranty repairs, excluding the battery which is covered for 1-year. This warranty does not include Accidental Damage Protection.

Dell and Lenovo

Dell and Lenovo program notebooks have up to a 4-year warranty at the time of purchase. This excludes the notebook's battery which is covered for 1-year. These notebooks also have the option to be covered for up to four years under an Accidental Damage Protection service. Coverage is provided for components installed at time of purchase only. Examples of some accidental (unintentional) damage that are covered under Dell's and Lenovo's Accidental Damage Protection are:

  • Liquid Spills
  • Drops/Falls
  • Electrical Surges
  • LCD Damage
  • Other Accidental Damage

Please note that cosmetic damage (damage that does not affect system performance) is not covered under the Accidental Damage Protection service. For more information on Accidental Damage Protection, please see Dell's and Lenovo's website.


AppleCare, Lenovo and Dell warranties exclude theft, loss, damage due to fire or other intentional acts. Students (and parents) are encouraged to contact their current insurance provider to ask about covering the notebook under their current homeowner's or renter's insurance.

Warranty Service

If you have a problem with your Mobile Monarch notebook, please bring it to the on-campus service center for repair. A limited number of loaner notebooks will be available for students whose notebooks are being repaired. If you are away from campus and need your notebook repaired, you can contact the manufacturer for assistance.

The Technical Support Center (TSC) strives to complete warranty repairs in two days or less (Monday - Friday). Many variables can influence turnaround time: high-volume periods (such as the start of a semester), diagnostic time, and parts availability.

Services Provided for Mobile Monarch Notebooks

  • Testing, diagnosis and replacement/repair of Dell, Lenovo and Apple manufacturer defective parts on computer systems under warranty
  • Updating BIOS and necessary drivers
  • Reimage to original vendor specifications, if necessary
  • If hard drive requires replacement, reloading operating system and installation of anti-virus and anti-spyware software
  • Facilitating repairs that are required to be performed by the manufacturer
  • Service does not cover personally-owned printers, scanners, or other peripheral devices. Students may contact an external vendor for these services.
  • Assistance with the reinstallation of application software or the recovery of data in the case of hard drive replacement
    • Assistance includes: Providing training sessions at beginning of each semester; providing on-line documentation; scheduling one-on-one assistance in TSC office
  • Priority Service at TSC
  • Loaner notebooks may be provided
  • If notebook is out-of-warranty, perform troubleshooting and provide repair estimate. Full payment is required before parts are ordered or work performed.

Student Responsibility

  • Creating copies of data files (class work/homework, photos, music, etc.) on CDs, USB key drives, or other media before dropping notebook off for service
  • Providing the computer's service tag or serial number, if requested, for warranty verification
  • Contacting the Technical Support Center at occshelp@odu.edu for problem determination and authorization to drop off hardware for repair
  • Removing, disabling, or providing the Windows password, so TSC technicians can service your unit
  • Maintaining up-to-date virus data files
  • Attending training sessions to increase knowledge of owning a personal notebook, if necessary
  • For Apple users, reviewing the MacBook and MacBook Pro Care and Handling Guides