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Online Office Directory One-Time Setup Form

ODU Online Office Directory Listing One-Time Setup Form

The new online directory utilizes position numbers to create the "noted staff" listing for each office. In order to create your office's directory, you must complete the following form.


  • Complete this as though you were submitting the list for the first time. Do not only list people you wish to add.
  • You must enter every position number you wish to have listed in the order you want them to be listed. Be sure to include positions that are currently vacant but you would want to have listed once they are filled (and put them in the correct order).
  • For each position, you may enter a web-friendly version of the position title that will display rather than the abbreviated title that comes across from Banner.
  • Who you choose to list is at your office's discretion. Some offices only list management, while other offices choose to list key people within each area.
  • Position numbers must be complete. Examples:
    • Classified: 00165A
    • Faculty: F0079A, FA071A, FP444A, GA055A, GP013A
    • Other: HR4622, PT0070
  • Acceptable position #s: All classified position numbers (00141A), faculty positions beginning with "F0," "FA," "FP," "GA," and "GP" and part-time positions starting with "PT" and "HR." Other positions cannot be listed in the directory.
  • Web-friendly position titles must be one-offs of what is coming in from Banner.
    • Acceptable: Web Comm Spec -> Web Communications Specialist
    • Not Acceptable: PR/Mrktg Spec III -> Director of Outreach
Only the first form submitted from an office will be accepted.

If you require more than 25 employees listed, please submit a second form and check the "continuation of previous form" box.

If you wish to separate your directory into functional areas, you can denote headings for separate sections by entering "SECTION- Sub-unit Name" in the Web-Friendly Title field (substituting the name of your sub-unit) and leave the position # field blank.

Important Note: Do not use ampersands on this form. Ampersands truncate your field. All "and"s will be converted to ampersands when your form is loaded into the system.

Continuation of a previous form?

Your Office's Official Contact Information

Enter the official contact information for your office below. This is the information that will appear in the directory and any place that your office's contact information appears.

Minimum requirements are office location and phone number. The remaining fields are optional.